Pearl Pearl Media Group Limited is a Venture Capital funded content aggregation and dissemination media company, offering content owners and consumers multi-platform solutions and service offerings.


Our mission is to connect niche content owners and consumers worldwide, whenever, wherever!


The proliferation of TV Everywhere type services has brought about a cross-platform application development renaissance. Consequently, content owners and consumers are in search of new platforms that allow them to connect limitlessly, with momentum building towards the “any content, anywhere, on any device” type model.


The greatest challenge for content owners is in tying all of the applications together across devices and networks. To further complicate the matter, there are multiple flavors of digital rights management, devices, and video file transmission formats. The consumer expectation on the other hand is that content owners provide seamless video on all screens and devices.


Pearl Media develops solutions that mitigate content owner constrains, while meeting consumer expectations. We not only develop hardware and application solutions for multiple-platforms, but we also disseminate content to consumers through our Live TV and On-Demand brand offerings.


Content Consumers


Our brand offerings and solutions allow content consumers to access content across Internet-ready Smart TVs, PCs and Macs, tablets, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.


Content Owners


Content owners partner with us to leverage our platform solutions to efficiently manage licensing rights and to reach viewers across multiple territories via multiple screens and devices.


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